Paleta Bellota Denominación de Origen Huelva  | Comprar Jamón
Huelva Bellota Paleta D.Origen El Paladar 154,60€

This exquisite palette acorn O.D. It comes from the best pigs in the region of Huelva.

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Peso4,9 kg aprox.

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Cebo Jabugo Iberian El Paladar 67,50€ 59,00€

Iberian palette of bait, made with herbs and cereals fed, raised in pastures free pigs.

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COMTE CHEESE +18 MONTHS new El Paladar From 29,29€

✅ French Comté Cheese has very versatile characteristics and can be consumed at any time of the day. It is ideal for gratin, because it melts quickly, as well as being very delicious on the plate.

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✅ One of the emblem cheeses of the Netherlands. Gouda DOP made with pasteurized cow's milk, dark yellow in color with a complex and deep flavor that develops through natural aging for 18 months in traditional cellars.

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Queso Oveja con sabor a Chili 🌶 | Quesos Picantes | Mejores Quesos de Ovejas
Chili Cheese Sheep new El Paladar From 28,73€

Buy CHILI CHEESE SHEEP. TYPE: SHEEP - ORIGIN: Ciudad Real - chili cheese filling. Buttery and quite spicy at the end. Cheese made from sheep's milk hundred percent.

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Ensaimada Cream (Small) El Paladar 7,80€

Buy ENSAIMADA CREAM (small). Ideal for breakfast. Small size. Small stuffed buns: 450g weight. Approx. 4/5 servings, 26cm in diameter.

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Gin Xoriguer Canet | comprar gin en Menorca | comprar xoriguer en barcelona
Gin Xoriguer Canet 70cl. Minorca El Paladar 14,90€

GIN XORIGUER CANET 70cl. denominazione di Ginevra di origine Mahón-Minorca. 70cl. Si tratta di un gin denominazione Mahon -. Minorca, 38,0% alc./vol, ottenuto per distillazione rame ancora alcool vino, calore ...

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Ensaimada No Fill (Small) El Paladar 7,80€

Buy ENSAIMADA Unfilled (small). Small size ideal for breakfast. Ensaimadas no small filling: 280g weight. approx. 3/4 servings, 26cm in diameter.

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Amargos Cas Sucrer | Gastronom¡a de Menorca | El Paladar
Amargos Cas Sucrer 160gr El Paladar 3,48€

Pastitas t¡picas Menorquinas elaboradas a base de az£car, almendras y claras de huevo. De sabor dulce y suave.

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Foie Gras Sobrasada Miel Mas Parés Bloc 60g El Paladar 8,43€

Mas Parés Bloc Foie Gras Sobrasada Miel 60g

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Confitura Arrop | Mermeladas Artesanales | Confituras de Menorca
Confection Arrop El Paladar 6,75€

Arrop Jam 280gr. Delicious Menorcan syrup from different fruits and vegetables and sugar.

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Sheep Cheese Menorca El Paladar 15,50€

MENORCA CHEESE OF SHEEP. TYPE: Sheep - ORIGIN: Menorca. Spicy cheese with intense flavor something.

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Goat cheese Menorca Herbs El Paladar 9,11€

Goat cheese Herbs Menorca TYPE: Goat - ORIGIN: Menorca. Of semi hard paste, a pinch of salt. Dominate the aromas of herbs.

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Cuixot de Ciutadella | Comprar embutidos de Menorca Online
S. Cuixot Ciutadella 150g El Paladar 2,52€

Rico typical of the island of Menorca sausage. I chopped.

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Queso Provolone Orégano | Comprar queso Provolone
Cheese Provolone Oregano 100 gr. El Paladar 1,93€

CHEESE PROVOLONE ORÉGANO. About provolone cheese 100 gr. ability to melt, aspect that transforms it into an ideal accompaniment to hot dishes.

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Peso100 gr.

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Ensaimada Chocolate (Small) El Paladar 7,80€

Buy ENSAIMADA CHOCOLATE (small). Ideal for breakfast. small size. Small stuffed buns: 450g weight. approx. 4/5 servings, 26cm in diameter.

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Unfilled Ensaimada El Paladar 12,50€ 11,50€

ENSAIMADA WITHOUT FILLING typical of Menorca. Ensaimada without filling: 500g weight. approx. 6/8 servings, 32cm in diameter.

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Comprar Queso Stilton | Comprar Queso Inglés | Tienda de Quesos Online
Stilton cheese El Paladar 48,16€

ENGLISH Stilton. TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: Great Britain. semi-hardback, blue, brushed natural rind. Maturation: Between 3 and 18 months. Roughness: Strong

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Peso2 Kg aprox.

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Ensaimada Angel Hair (Small) El Paladar 7,80€

ENSAIMADA angel hair (small). Small size Ideal for breakfast. Small stuffed buns: 450g weight. approx. 4/5 servings, 26cm in diameter.

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Licor de Hierbas Xoriguer | Festes de Ciutadella de Menorca | licor de Menorca
Xoriguer Herbal Liqueur El Paladar 12,24€

LICOR HERBES XORIGUER 70 CL. Aniseed spirits, handcrafted by Destil·leries Xoriguer. Herbs Xoriguer 25% is an aniseed spirit made by Xoriguer Distilleries, following the traditional secret formula ...

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Licor de Hierbas Camamil.La | Productos de Menorca | Fiestas de Mah¢n
Herbal liqueur Camamil.La El Paladar 13,70€

70cl. Chamomile liqueur, handcrafted by Destil·leries Xoriguer.

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Mermelada de Naranja Amarga - Productos de Menorca - El Paladar
Mermelada de Naranja Amarga "Es Rebost" El Paladar 4,27€

Deliciosa Mermelada de Naranja amarga "Es Rebost" 280gr. artesana con fruta y az£car sin conservantes ni aditivos qu¡micos.

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Confitura Mora Abatzer - Productos de Menorca - Tiendas El Paladar
Confitura Mora Abatzer El Paladar 5,56€

Confitura Mora Abatzer 280gr. Delicioso sirope menorqu¡n de moras.

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Confitura de Higo - Productos de Menorca - Mermeladas Artesanas
FIGAT DE MENORCA (Confitura de Higo) El Paladar 6,78€

El figat de Menorca es la t¡pica mermelada de higos. Ideal para combinar con nuestros quesos m s curados. Delicioso. Elaborada con las recetas tradicionales y con un proceso totalmente artesanal, Confitura de Higo 280gr.

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