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The duck foie gras is the king of gourmet products. In our shop you can find blocks or mousse of foie gras and fresh foie gras.  Discover also our large selection of Italian pasta, smoked products and extra-virgin olive oils. Don't miss our ready-made boards for your special occasions!

Salsa al Sur del Infierno | Venta de salsas picantes gourmet | salsa mexicana picante
Salsa South of Hell Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 6,40€

It is possibly the hottest in Europe. This spicy SUPER sauce is the most spicy made in Spain, it is made artistically in Sierra Nevada (Granada).

salsa picante para mejillones | Comprar salsas picantes | salsa picante
Poison of the good Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 5,00€

This sauce is the purest we make. It carries habanero Red Savina, apple vinegar of Jaén, lemon juice of Sierra Nevada and organic sea salt of Cadiz. The flavor is really strong, of habanero with citric tones. Dr. Salsa's favorite

salsa picante casera | salsa super picante | salsa picante kebab | salsa mas picante
Salsa of Hell Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 13,00€

This sauce is one of the best super spicy sauces !! Using Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, and Bhut Jolokia (ghost) this sauce pikes like hell! All roasts with firewood ...

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Comprar Salsas Picantes Online | Nuevas Salsas Picantes | Salsas Sierra Nevada
Special Pack 4 Sauces Sierra Nevada new Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 30,30€

Buy now our new special pack of hot sauces selected by ourselves, give rock and roll to your dishes!

salsa picante para mejillones | salsa picante mexicana | picante online
Poison of the good with Mango Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 5,50€

It is a very tasty sauce and very popular in the localities of Sierra Nevada

Salsa Diablo | Salsas Picantes online | La mejor Salsa para Frankfurts
Diablo sauce new Leo Boech | Charcutería Gourmet 3,65€

Extra Spicy special sauce only for the bravest. Special for homemade frankfurts and sausages !!

salsa picante | salsa chile habanero | salsa habanero | salsa de chile habanero
Habanero mustard spicy sauce Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 4,80€

Habanero mustard. A very spicy sweet and sour sauce.

Salsa picante mexicana | salsas muy picantes | salsa muy picante | Salsa hot
Chipotle Sauce Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 4,90€

This salsa is a version of a very old recipe from Mexico. ...

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Salsa Picante de Habanero | salsa picante kebab | receta salsa picante
Habanero Hot Sauce Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 5,30€

This sauce is addictive. A very spicy sauce, typical of the Caribbean islands. Made with orange habanero, carrot, onion, cider vinegar, lemon juice and garlic. All natural and handmade.

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Salsa Picante Chipotle | salsa picante para carne | hacer salsa picante
Spicy Chipotle-Pineapple Sauce Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 5,40€

The Chipotle-Pineapple sauce is a medium spicy sauce, but very high in flavor. The pineapple in this sauce helps me to put it but tender.

como hacer salsa picante casera | hacer salsa picante | como hacer salsa picante
Poison of the Good with Cherimoya Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 5,52€

This sauce is made with habaneros of our harvest, cherimoya from Salobreña ...

Comprar salsas picantes | Pack salsas picantes | Salsas Sierra Nevada
Pack 4 Spicy Sauces new Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 20,52€

Take that pack of 4 hot sauces selected by us, dare with them and give a special touch to your dishes.

Salsas Picantes | Selección de salsas picantes | Nuevas Super Salsas Picantes
Spicy Sauces Online - EXTRA PICANTES! new Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 24,92€

Buy selection of extra spicy sauces, special pack El Paladar selection, dare with them, we are not responsible for their extra spicy effects !!!

Comprar Salsas Picantes por internet | Nuevas salsas picantes | Platos Picantes
Pack R.I.P Spicy Sauces new Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 28,82€

Buy our new exclusive pack of Sierra Nevada hot sauces, will you be able to handle it?

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Salsa de chili picante | Las mejores salsas picantes | Chili Picante | Salsas Online
Pack 5 Extra Spicy Sauces new Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 34,62€

New pack of 5 extra hot sauces, discover the new flavors of the best Sierra Nevada hot sauces.

Salsas Picantes | Salsa Carolina Reaper | Extra Picante | La más Picante
Pack of 7 hot sauces Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 52,34€

Pack of 7 hot sauces: · Salsa del Infierno · Cherimoya poison · South of Hell · Habanero sauce · Mustard and Habanero sauce · Poison of the Good · Mango poison Discover our great selection of hot sauces for your dishes !!

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Sal de Chipotle | Salsas picantes online | salsa muy picante | super online
Chipotle Salt Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada 4,11€

Chipotle Salt. Chipotle is a mature jalapeño with a slow smoked process, imported from Mexico. The chipotle has an incredible flavor, sweet, smoky, and somewhat spicy.