Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham

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Iberian ham , Guijuelo Jabugo ham.

Every season we travel in search of the best Iberian hams and Spain . It is a great effort for us but you deserve . This is why we love doing it with a decade . This year we have selected 14,000 pieces of Appellations of Origin of Huelva , Salamanca, Extremadura and Cordoba with the objective of providing only quality ham . And here you have it : Iberian and serranas pallets, Sierra Morena ham , ham 5 Jacks , ham Joselito Gran Reserva Iberico Ham D.O and many more. Fancy a good pata negra ? Choose the one you like and send you home from 4,99 euros.

Julian Martin bait Hams | iberian ham | palma ham | bellota ham | ham in spain
Julian Martin bait Hams El Paladar 213,56€

This magnificent Jamon Iberico de Cebo Julian Martin comes from grain-fed compounds, of the highest quality pigs. Healing: 24 months of healing. Location: Guijuelo

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Peso7,4 Kg. aprox.

Ham 5 Jotas | spanish hams | what is the spanish word for ham | ham online
Ham 5 Jotas Jamón Cinco Jotas HAM 562,50€ 525,00€

Ham 5 Jotas (5J), recognized internationally as the jewel of the gastronomy of Spain. Acorn pork ham Iberian hundred percent reared free in the vast expanses of the Dehesa del Peninsular Southwest and nutrition na

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Peso7,0 - 8,0Kg. aprox.

Hams Sierra Morena | iberico ham uk | spanish ham jamon | Gourmet Products
Sierra Morena Iberian ham Cebo El Paladar 217,92€

Ham Sierra Morena. Chosen pieces one by one to ensure quality. Sierra Morena, Cordoba 7.2 Kg. Approx. PVP: 21.75 ó kg. Approx. piece: 156.00 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Peso8Kg. aprox.

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HAM BELLOTA 75% IBERICO Selección Especial Paladar El Paladar 444,80€

HAM BELLOTA 75% IBERICO Selección Especial Paladar 7,8 Kg. aprox.

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Peso8 Kg. aprox.

Iberian Bellota Ham | Lazo hams | Pata Negra Ham
Ham of Bellota 100% Ibérico D.O. Lazo 9Kg. aprox. 586,41€

Undoubtedly, the star product of Jamones Lazo is our authentic D.O Acorn Iberian Ham. Jamón de Huelva quality designation SUMMUM, from Iberian pigs fed exclusively on acorns ...

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Joselito ham | iberico ham leg price | ham health facts | pata pig | Ham
joselito ham Jamón Joselito Gran Reserva 678,30€ 675,75€

Joselito Gran Reserva HAM Pata thin, fat soft and creamy consistency, with pinkish tones. The meat has numerous infiltrations and bright marbled fat.

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Peso8,5 kg.