Rosé wine and fortified wines

Rosé wine and fortified wines

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We don't have all the wines on the market, but we have the best. Discover our large selection of wines, sparkling white wines, champagne and liqueurs from all over the world - we have the best British gin!- to make a special gift or to enjoy a good dinner with friends. Cheer up your palate with these gourmet drinks!

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Binifadet Rosado Merluzo Wine Binifadet 10,62€

WINE BINIFADET PINK MERLUZO. The pink wine Binifadet Merluzo 75cl. The palate is alive and round, fresh and opulent. In the end it leaves a fresh, fruity and sweet feeling with great harmony.

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Toro Albalá Pedro Ximénez wine 375ml Vinos Online 15,72€

Toro Albalá produces Toro Albalá Pedro Ximénez 375ml 1982, a generous sweet wine with DO Montilla-Moriles made with Pedro Ximénez from 1982.

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Gramona Wine by Glass Gewürztraminer Vinos Online 17,93€

Gramona Vi by Glass Gewürztraminer 37.5 Cl. Is a very sweet and concentrated wine, with a lot of fruit and long life. It is very harmonious, which makes it an easy wine to taste.

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Wine rosado Velorose 75cl. 12,64€

Pale salmon color. Aromatically very delicate with notes of pomegranate and peach. The passage through the mouth is sweet with a certain breadth. Very fruity and fatty finish.

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Ventuno Rosé Wine 7,56€

A pink full of elegance and Mediterranean essence that will hook you for your honesty.

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Pink Wine Heather 7,91€

A wine very suitable for all who want to know the pink present.

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Rosé Wine Luis Pérez Marismilla 8,79€

A very original rosé of a variety little known as the Tintilla de Rota that will catch you by its vivacity and fruity freshness. Try something different.

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Rosé Wine Saint Sidoine Rosé 9,45€

A great opportunity to try at a great price one of the highest representatives of the rosé wines of Provence.

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Gel Wine Riesling Muscat Vinos Online 17,93€

Delicious sweet wine ideal to accompany the dessert or as an aperitif. Serve very cold. Vi De Gel Riesling Muscat 37.5 Cl.

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Vino Binifadet Muscat dulce new Binifadet 12,00€

Vino Binifadet Muscat dulce. Elaborado con uvas seleccionadas de las mejores parcelas de nuestra finca Binifadet, al sur de la isla de Menorca caracterizado por su suelo calcáreo.

Binifadet espumoso rosado | comprar vino espumoso | venta de vino rosado
Binifadet espumoso rosado new Binifadet 16,00€

Elaborado con uvas seleccionadas de las mejores parcelas de nuestra finca Binifadet, al sur de la isla de Menorca.

Ibizkus Rose | A well-balanced and fresh rosé from ibiza | Ibiza Wine
Ibizkus Rose Bodegas Ibizkus - Wines of Ibiza 18,50€

The grapes come from 40 different parcels situated primarily in the regions of San Mateo and northwest of the island with predominantly red clay soils.

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Wine Ibizkus Rosado Magnum 1.5 L Bodegas Ibizkus - Wines of Ibiza 38,00€

Buy Ibizkus rosé wine "Wine from the land of Ibiza" 1.5-liter bottle