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Menorcan wine

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Cheese, sobrasada, carnixua, ensaimada... these delicious traditional products are really mouth-watering! If you prefer salty things, you'll love the artisan Mahón D.O. cheese, the black pork sobrasada or the cuixot. If you're more into sweet things, then you have to try the ensaimada with cabello de ángel (pumpkin jam), the filled pastissets and the almond carquiñols (crunchy little biscuits). And don't forget Menorca is famous also for good wines and liqueurs, like the traditional Gin Xoriguer. Cheer up your palate with the tastes of the island!

Vino Blanco Binifadet Merluzo | el mejor vino blanco de Menorca | vino blanco precio
White Wine Binifadet Merluzo Binifadet 8,90€

WHITE WINE BINIFADET MERLUZO 75cl. of the wineries of Binifadet (Menorca). Fermented at 17¼C in stainless steel. Stabilization at -3¼. It does not perform malolactic or pass through barrel.

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Vino Tinto Binitord Roure - Productos de Menorca - Tienda El Paladar
Red Wine Binitord Roure Vinos Online 17,62€

RED WINE BINITORD ROURE 75cl, Red wine of assemblage with medium aging. Intense cherry, clean and bright. 13.50% vol.

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Vino Tinto Binifadet Syrah | donde comprar vino tinto | venta de vino tinto
Red Wine Binifadet Syrah Binifadet 12,50€

RED WINE BINIFADET SYRAH 75 cl. The palate is fatty, round, balsamic, kind, silky. It presents an astringency that does not bother, a fact that predicts a good evolution in the coming years.

Vino Blanco Binifadet | comprar vino blanco
White Wine Binifadet Chardonnay Binifadet 12,50€

WHITE WINE BINIFADET CHARDONNAY 75cl., It is a golden yellow varietal wine with light greenish reflections. It has an aroma in the mouth outside of the common leaving a long finish with great silkiness.

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Comprar Vino Rosado Binifadet 75cl. | Comprar Vino de Menorca |Rosado Binifadet
Binifadet Rosado Merluzo Wine Binifadet 10,62€

WINE BINIFADET PINK MERLUZO. The pink wine Binifadet Merluzo 75cl. The palate is alive and round, fresh and opulent. In the end it leaves a fresh, fruity and sweet feeling with great harmony.

VINO BINIFADET TANCA 13 Binifadet 21,00€

Elaborado con uvas seleccionadas de la parcela nº 13, elegida por ser la más idónea para elaborar un vino sutil y elegante como éste. Vendimia manual.

VINO BINIFADET 2 TANCAS Binifadet 28,00€

Elaborado con uvas seleccionadas de la parcela más vieja de Merlot y la más joven de Syrah. Vendimia manual.

VINO BINIFADET TANCA 12 Binifadet 25,00€

BLANCO CON BARRICA - Es la gama de vinos elaborados con selecciones de uvas extraídas de las mejores "tancas" de Binifadet - Menorca

Binifadet espumoso blanco | comprar vino espumoso | vino espumoso online
Binifadet Sparkling White Binifadet 16,00€

Made with selected grapes from the best plots of our farm Binifadet, south of the island of Menorca characterized by its calcareous soil. Manual harvest. Elaboration: traditional method.

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Vino Tinto Sa Forana 600 Metros - Productos de Menorca - El Paladar
Red Wine Sa Forana 600 Meters Sa Furana 10,95€

RED WINE SA FORANA 600 meters. Red Wine Sa Forana 600 meters is fresh, medium bodied, with a deep purplish red, with fruity aromas and mineral notes and licorice.

Vino Tinto Binitord - Productos de Menorca Online - Tiendas El Paladar
Red Wine Binitord Binitort 14,90€

RED WINE BINITORD 75cl. Young of assemblage with light aging of 2 months. 14% vol.

Vino Tinto Sa Forana - Productos de Menorca - Tienda online El Paladar
Red Wine Sa Forana El Paladar 14,95€

RED WINE SA FORANA blend made with grape varieties from the farm, dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Vino Binifadet Muscat dulce | comprar vino de binifadet | venta de vino binifadet
Vino Binifadet Muscat dulce new Binifadet 12,00€

Vino Binifadet Muscat dulce. Elaborado con uvas seleccionadas de las mejores parcelas de nuestra finca Binifadet, al sur de la isla de Menorca caracterizado por su suelo calcáreo.

Binifadet espumoso rosado | comprar vino espumoso | venta de vino rosado
Binifadet espumoso rosado new Binifadet 16,00€

Elaborado con uvas seleccionadas de las mejores parcelas de nuestra finca Binifadet, al sur de la isla de Menorca.

Vino Blanco Binitord - Productos de Menorca - Tienda online El Paladar
Vino Blanco Binitord Vinos Online Unavailable

VINO BLANCO BINITORD 75cl seco de cupaje. Blanc de Noirs. En boca se presenta m_s suave y delicado que otros a_os aunque es carnoso y sabroso.

Vino Tinto Ferrer De Munpalau - Productos de Menorca - El Paladar
Red wine Ferrer De Munpalau Ferrer de Muntpalau Unavailable

MUNPALAU FERRER OF RED WINE 75 cl., Traditionally made in Menorca.