Serrano ham

Serrano ham

Serrano ham

The ham is a food obtained from salting and air drying of the hind legs of pork. This same product is also called paddle or shoulder when you get to the front legs. The ham is opposed to cooked ham , also called ham or ham . It is called by custom serrano ham cured in high places in the mountains , where low temperatures facilitate healing

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Ham Gran Reserva Sierra Morena El Paladar 92,96€

Serrano ham Gran Reserva, the product of a rigorous selection, and proper healing that give the smoothness and fragrance. Healing: natural healing. Location: Sierra Morena.

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Peso8,0 Kg. aprox.

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Ham Bodega Sierra Morena El Paladar 53,80€

Jamon Serrano Sierra Morena. Excellent product quality - price.

Peso6,3 Kg. aprox.