Iberian pallets per piece

Iberian pallets per piece

Iberian pallets per piece

Serranas palettes , Iberian , and Jabugo Cebo.

Serranas fine selection of palettes , Iberian , bait and jabugo

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Shoulder 5 Jotas Jamón Cinco Jotas HAM 161,80€

Brewed with the forelegs of 100% Iberian pig reared free and feed on acorns, single race preserved since 1879.

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Peso4,80 Kg. aprox.

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Shoulder SERRANA Selection Paladar El Paladar 30,00€ 27,22€

Shoulder SERRANA Selección Paladar 4 Kg. aprox. PVP: 7,78€ kg.

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Peso4,5Kg. aprox.

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HAM PALETA IBÉRICA CEBO DE CAMPO Paladar Selection El Paladar 96,52€

HAM PALETA IBÉRICA CEBO DE CAMPO. Paladar Selection. Paladar Selection, exquisite piece for its juiciness and flavor.

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Peso4,8 Kg. aprox.

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Huelva Bellota Paleta D.Origen El Paladar 154,60€

This exquisite palette acorn O.D. It comes from the best pigs in the region of Huelva.

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Peso4,9 kg aprox.

Iberian Cebo Jabugo - Buy online ham - Iberian Purchase
Cebo Jabugo Iberian El Paladar 89,76€

Iberian palette of bait, made with herbs and cereals fed, raised in pastures free pigs.

Peso4,8Kg. aprox.

Shoulder Ham Paleta ibérica de Bellota | Lazo hams | Ham of Huelva
Shoulder Ham Paleta de Bellota 100% Ibérica Lazo 159,20€

Our authentic Iberian acorn-fed shoulders, only from Iberian pigs fed exclusively on acorns during the montanera period in our dehesas.