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Ensaimada Angel Hair El Paladar 11,50€

Ensaimada angel hair, rich and delicious typical filled ensaimada angel hair. Stuffed buns: 750g weight. approx. 8/10 rations, 32cm in diameter.

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Pomada Xoriguer | Gin con Limonada | Comprar pomada de Menorca | pomada
Pomada Xoriguer Minorca El Paladar 11,02€

Gin with Lemonade, Ointment Xoriguer 100cl. The typical menorcan drink of the celebrations of Menorca with the mixture already prepared. Made with natural juices and the proven Xoriguer gin. The careful proportion of both elements based on a ...Pomada X

4 Reviews

Gin Xoriguer | Comprar ginebra online | Gin de Menorca | festes de sant joan
Gin Xoriguer 70cl. Mahon El Paladar 15,50€

Xoriguer (pronounced sho-ri-gair) is the same today as it always has been. It is the result of distillation in traditional copper stills, using high quality wine alcohol and carefully selected juniper berries, which come from the neighbouring Mediterran

11 Reviews

Comprar Virutas Ibéricas | Loncheados Ibéricos envasados
Ib_ricas chips 250 gr. El Paladar 12,20€

Iberico ham shavings excellent vacuum packed in an envelope 250gr. to preserve their flavor and aromas.

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Ensaimada de Chocolate | Ensaimadas online | Comprar Ensaimadas en Menorca
Chocolate Ensaimada El Paladar 11,50€

Ensaimadas online, filled with chocolate. Ideal for breakfast. Stuffed buns: 750g weight. approx. 8/10 rations, 32cm in diameter.

11 Reviews

Virutas de jamón | Comprar jamones al mejor precio | Embutidos
Snack chips Ibericas 60 G El Paladar 3,00€

SNACK CHIPS IBERICAS 60 g, appetizing snack chips Iberian optimal healing cut ham and vacuum packed thus preserving all its flavor. Weight of about 60g. -

Peso60 gr

Virutas Ibéricas de jamón | Comprar jamones online | jamón online
Ib_ricas chips 150 gr. El Paladar 8,25€

Iberico ham shavings excellent vacuum packed in an envelope of 150gr. to preserve their flavor and aromas.

Peso150 gr.

Jamonero Gondola | Jamonero Económico | Jamonero Barato | Jamonero Casero
Jamonero Economico Lacado Gondola El Paladar 9,50€

Slicing for home, economical and practical.

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Jamón Serrano Online | Precio Jamón Serrano | Jamones Online
Ham Bodega Paladar Selection El Paladar 59,80€

✅✅ Product of a rigorous selection, and adequate healing that provide the unctuousness and fragrance, worthy of the most demanding palate. Excellent product quality-price.

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Peso6,6 Kg. aprox.

Carquinyols Cas Sucrer | Comprar productos de Menorca | Dulce de Almendras
Carquinyols Cas Sucrer - Un exquisito Dulce de Almendras El Paladar 2,12€

BOLSA DE "CARQUINYOLS" DE ALMENDRA. Producto t¡pico menorqu¡n elaborado con harina, azúcar, almendras y huevo. De textura crujiente. Se presenta en bolsa de 110gr.

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Ensaimada de crema | Comprar Ensaimada | Ensaimadas muy buenas
Ensaimada Cream El Paladar 11,50€

Ensaimadas online, stuffed with delicious cream. Stuffed buns: 750g weight. approx. 8/10 rations, 32cm in diameter.

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Fuet de Vic | Venta online de fuet | Comprar fuet online
Vic Fuet El Paladar 2,50€

The fuet is a type of sausage, a popular sausage in Catalan cuisine.

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Pastissets Cas Sucrer | Productos t¡picos de Menorca
Pastissets Cas Sucrer El Paladar 2,91€

Producto t¡pico menorqu¡n elaborado con la receta m s tradicional. De textura suave y apetitosa. Pastissets Cas Sucrer Caja 6 unid.

6 Reviews

queso mahón-menorca | mahon queso | quesos mahon | queso de mahon comprar
Assortment MenorquÕn (Sobrasada, Soft Cheese, Semi And Cured) El Paladar 14,27€

Excellent product mix of our land. Minorcan spicy sausage, soft cheese, cheese curds and cured cheese. Ideal for snacks. Minorca Sobrasada Sobrasada de Menorca is made with pork, lean bacon and paprika ...

1 Review

Lomo ibérico Bellota | Comprar  embutidos Ibéricos | Jamón online
Lomo Iberico Bellota 100 gr. El Paladar 6,63€

Exquisite Iberian acorn loin vacuum packaging in sachets of 100 grams. Selection vacuum packaging and cut by hand by our butchers in its excellent healing. It is advisable to remove the bag from the refrigerator about twenty minutes earlier ...

1 Review


Jamón y Paleta Serrana ⭐️ | Características del Jamón | Jamón de España
Shoulder SERRANA Selection Paladar El Paladar 35,00€ 29,90€

Shoulder SERRANA Selección Paladar 4 Kg. aprox. PVP: 7,78€ kg.

2 Reviews

Peso4,5Kg. aprox.

Queso Dehesa de los Llanos 🧀| El Mejor Queso Manchego 🏅| Quesos Online
Cheese Dehesa de los Llanos Gran Reserva El Paladar 81,72€

CHEESE Manchego DEHESA PLAINS GREAT BOOK. TYPE: Sheep - ORIGIN: Albacete CHEESE AWARD FOR BEST WORLD 2012 Raw milk, hard and crystallized pasta. intense flavor. Spanish cheese only elected world's best cheese.

7 Reviews

Peso2,7 Kg aprox.

Chorizo Ibérico 100 gr. | Chorizo Ibérico
Chorizo Ibérico 100 gr. El Paladar 3,05€

Excellent over 100 g vacuum packed Iberian sausage and cut by our butchers.

2 Reviews

Peso100 gr

Jamones serrano | Jamón Sierra Morena | patas de jamon
Ham Gran Reserva Sierra Morena El Paladar From 89,50€

Serrano ham Gran Reserva, the product of a rigorous selection, and proper healing that give the smoothness and fragrance. Healing: natural healing. Location: Sierra Morena.

2 Reviews

Peso7,5 Kg. aprox.

Salsa Espinaler | Comprar Salsa Espinaler | Salsa para Conservas | Salsas Online
Salsa Espinaler Pequeña 92ml. El Paladar 2,25€

Rica salsa Espinaler. Ideal ara acompañar toda clase de aperitivos.

Jamón ibérico de cebo | Tienda de jamones online | venta jamón
Julian Martin bait Hams El Paladar 189,75€

This magnificent Jamon Iberico de Cebo Julian Martin comes from grain-fed compounds, of the highest quality pigs. Healing: 24 months of healing. Location: Guijuelo

6 Reviews

Peso7,4 Kg. aprox.

Lomo Embuchado de Salamanca | Comprar embutidos online
Loin of Salamanca 100gr. El Paladar 2,91€

Delicious pork loin over Salamanca thinly sliced __and vacuum packed to preserve their flavor and aromas. 100gr approx.

Queso Dehesa de los Llanos Semi | Comprar queso semi online
Dehesa de los Llanos Semi cheese 150g El Paladar 3,57€

SEMI Manchego Cheese 150g. About Vacuum wonderful manchego cheese Dehesa de los Llanos. A delight the palate. SEMI. TYPE: Sheep - Origin: Albacete Raw milk, semi hard paste cured with a soft roughness.

1 Review


comprar surtido de quesos | precio surtido de quesos online | precio tipos de quesos
Assortment MenorquÕn three cheeses (Cheese Soft, Semi And Cured) El Paladar 9,98€

Great mix of products of our land, soft cheese, cheese curds and cured cheese. Ideal for snacks.