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Gramona Wine by Glass Gewürztraminer

Gramona Wine by Glass Gewürztraminer

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Gramona Vi by Glass Gewürztraminer 37.5 Cl. Is a very sweet and concentrated wine, with a lot of fruit and long life. It is very harmonious, which makes it an easy wine to taste. View more

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Gramona Wine by Glass Gewürztraminer

Gramona created his Vi de Glass in nineteen ninety seven looking for the essence of the grape and modeled on the delicious German ice wines, the well-known Eisweine. They are sweet wines of natural concentration that are distinguished from the Eisweine primarily by the fact that the freezing has no place in the vineyard but rather in the winery, in singular chambers, in the same way that the renowned avant-garde cuisines use the Azoe for its excellent gastronomic creations.

With the intention of expressing all the essence of the grape, Gramona makes his Vi from Glass Gewürztraminer with late-picked grapes, which freezes in 2 chambers that work at -teen degrees with the help of liquid azote. In this way they favor the speed of freezing of the grapes and the homogeneity of the result. The must ferments over a longer period than usual, a couple of months and a half, because of the high concentration of sugar and this process results in a fruity and very concentrated wine, sweet and refreshing at the same time, which will age without limit in this bottle of thick and dark glass, especially developed to protect its aging.

Vi from Glass Gewürztraminer offers an enormous aromatic expressiveness in which the citrus notes stand out, the predominantly exotic fruits (lychees, guava, mango, medlar, apricot) and a fragile floral perfume (orange blossom and rose water). On the palate it has an affable entrance and a silky, unctuous and with a good fruit weight. Very refreshing finish that balances the sweetness and also invites you to continue drinking. In its pairings, it offers enormous possibilities, particularly in fruit-based desserts, by strengthening citrus, tropical and floral touches. It is ideal as a mid-afternoon wine and to drink in company.

Desserts / puff pastries / foie / soft cheeses
Tasting note:
Pale yellow / greenish reflections
Citrus fruit / exotic fruit / lychee / guava / mango / medlars / apricot / azahar / rose water
Friendly / silky / unctuous / fresh / sweet
No aging.
Optimum service temperature:
Between 8ºC and 10ºC


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