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Wine Mar de Frades

WINE MAR DE FRADES 75cl. Bodega Mar de Frades. D.O Rías Baixas.
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Wine Mar de Frades

VARIETY: 100% Albariño.

HARVEST: It has been the cycle of two thousand fourteen one with really strong rains throughout the year and very windy days and "temporary". The winter was very rainy and without clear days. The spring had overflowing rainfall and only datas of mid-April in bloom cleared, favoring fruit set. But it continued raining. Summer has been the worst in decades, with virtually no bright days. The weather in the Val improved somewhat, but also with cold and rainy days. In Mar de Frades this year we decided to harvest soon and we finished the third week of September, anticipating in this way the worst conditions that came later. The harvest has been short and the grapes as a rule have entered with less graduation than previous years and only in the wineries that decided to harvest soon, the grapes entered with a sanitary admissible. In general terms with disease affection.

ELABORATION: The grapes harvested in season, cross the selection tapes where bunches that are not "perfect" are separated. In this way we achieve that even rather difficult years, the qualities are very high. In the harvest two thousand fourteen, between twenty and twenty-five percent of the bunches that came from the field were removed in this process. The chosen grape, was macerated over periods of between ten and twenty hours depending on the departure, getting a musts flavored, clean and of great potential. The fermentations, slow and controlled, together with the high acidity of the current year, have been transferred to wines with a lower alcohol content than in other years, which gives them a unique delicacy.

TASTING NOTES: Pale lemon color, with iridescent lime green and steely reflections, effulgent. On the nose appear notes of grapes, green apple and pip fruit that harmonize with the subtle aromas of salt and white flowers. Intense and Persistent In the mouth, the route is lively, you can guess notes of lichies and exotic fruits, which leave a fresh and affable sensation to give place to a marine and mineral end of passage; Powerful and with Atlantic character.

SERVICE AND PAIRING: Ideal temperature between eight and ten degrees. It accompanies superbly easy dishes of white fish, lobster and any kind of seafood.

THERMOSENSIBLE LABEL: The thermosensitive label of Mar de Frades will help you enjoy the wine at the right temperature: a small blue vessel emerges on the waves of the logo when the temperature of the bottle is less than eleven degrees, the ideal temperature for consumption .

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WINE MAR DE FRADES 75cl. Bodega Mar de Frades. D.O Rías Baixas.

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