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White wine Mysti Blanc

White wine Mysti Blanc

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A young white from Penedes to uncork at any time at an exceptional price. View more

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White wine Mysti Blanc

  • Type: White without aging
    Winery: Origami Wines
    D.O .: Penedès
    Varieties: Muscat and Xarel·lo
    Vintage: 2014
    Graduation: 11.5
    Tª Consumption: 10
    Action: 75
    Viticulture: Grapes from vineyards that have not been treated with herbicides or insecticides.

    Harvest: Harvested manually at optimum maturation time.

    Elaboration: Selected grapes. A light pressing is performed to extract the flower must. It carries out the alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at low temperature, each variety separately. When finished they are assembled to make the coupage. It is for the fermentation with cold to conserve a few grams of residual sugar. It is bottled 15 days before its shipment to preserve its fruity potential.

    Valuation: The nose is very expressive and intense predominating the aromas of ripe fruits such as banana, peach and lychees, and white flowers on a light citrus background. In the mouth it is light and smooth, with a greedy entry whose course is fresh and fruity. We perceive a slight fat in the palate that conjugates very well with a good acidity.

    An elegant and fresh wine that gives us much joy to live and to enjoy a meeting with friends outdoors.

    Pairing: Ideal to accompany turkey and roasted chicken and oysters.


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