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Cheese Dehesa de los Llanos Gran Reserva

Cheese Dehesa de los Llanos Gran Reserva

4.9/5 18 Reviews
CHEESE Manchego DEHESA PLAINS GREAT BOOK. TYPE: Sheep - ORIGIN: Albacete CHEESE AWARD FOR BEST WORLD 2012 Raw milk, hard and crystallized pasta. intense flavor. Spanish cheese only elected world's best cheese. View more

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Cheese Dehesa de los Llanos Gran Reserva


TYPE: Sheep - ORIGIN: Albacete
BEST CHEESE AWARD OF THE WORLD 2012 Raw milk, hard and crystallized paste. Intense flavor.
Only Spanish cheese chosen BEST CHEESE OF THE WORLD.

Why buy Dehesa cheese from the Planes? Is the only cheese from Spain that has managed to be the Best Cheese on the Planet. It has dazzled chefs like Ferran Adriá or Berasategui. Its 9 months of healing brings a straw-yellow color, an intense flavor and aroma, a flaky texture and an enormous persistence in the mouth that invites to reiterate
A manchego artisan cheese that, due to its artisan preparation, with raw milk from Manchego ewes reared on the farm, natural crust formed by the cheese itself, its adapted treatment (since each cheese passes at least ten times by the craftsman) and Its minimum of 9 months of healing make its production very limited and transform it into a sybarite cheese.


99.85 points in World Championship Cheese Contest, Wisconsin 2014

Best Cheese of the World at World Cheese Awards 2012

Super Gold at World Cheese Awards 2013

Bronze Medal at World Cheese Awards 2011

Gold medal at World Cheese Awards 2010


Healing 9 months
Presentation Whole cheese
Odor Intense, memories to mount
Intense Flavor
Net Weight Guaranteed 2.60 Kg
Color Straw yellow
Type of raw milk
Natural Bark
Scaly Texture
Allergens: Contains Milk

For Francisca Cruz, Maestra Quesera de Dehesa de Los Llanos, "the fact that the processing is done with raw milk allows to preserve the natural ferments themselves, which allows the cheese to develop a personality and nuances of their own, impossible to achieve with another Type of standard ferments ". A personality that makes it one of the manchego cheese artisans most awarded and desired by lovers of gourmet products.


The secret of these unique cheeses? A careful elaboration and a process of slow maturation, where the technology manages to unite the characteristics of an artisan cheese - flavor, aroma, texture, nutrition - with the rigor of the procedures that guarantee its quality and sanity.

All Dehesa de los Llanos cheeses are made with raw milk from the herd of the farm itself. The raw milk allows to conserve all its natural ferments and favors that the final product develops own nuances.


Our job is to select the best cheeses in the world, we have a large assortment of national cheeses, French, Italian, Swiss, Dutch and more students. Among them are the appellations of origin: MAHON CHEESE - CASTA CAKE - MANCHEGO - ROQUEFORT - COMTE

Distribution of products for HOSTELERIA and STORES.

If you have a business or restaurant, if you are interested in receiving information and special conditions you can call 652 816 086 or send an email to leaving your details and we will contact you.



Puro queso manchego. Riquísimo.

17/03/2023 15:25

muy bueno

19/05/2022 09:48

muy bueno

15/07/2021 00:07

Manchego con un sabor exquisito. El sabor de este queso es como el que puede esperarse de un buen Manchego maduro. Excelente para acompañarse con una buena hogaza de pan y un buen vino de Rioja o Rivera del Duero.

17/03/2021 13:34

Es un queso estupendo

05/03/2021 10:45

Muy buen producto, a la altura de los comentarios que había oído sobre él.

16/12/2020 07:57

buen producto

04/12/2020 00:14

mejor con el tiempo

11/05/2020 13:15

Dehesa de los llanos espectacular

10/05/2020 13:32

Buen servicio

16/04/2020 18:34

El mejor.

08/12/2019 19:04

Riquísimo, aunque un punto subido de precio para la diferencia con otros quesos. El título de mejor queso del mundo de 2012 pues hace que esté 5-10€ por encima de mercado. Desde mi punto de vista.

03/01/2019 11:53

22/03/2017 14:06

12/02/2017 14:06

17/01/2017 14:06

10/01/2017 14:05

03/01/2017 14:06

***** por internet Todo perfecto rápido y profesional. Un saludo

07/08/2016 13:07

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