Tête de Moine

Tête de Moine

Tête de Moine

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Do you want to surprise your guests with a good cheese board? Discover our wide selection of cheeses from all the world, made from cow's, sheep's, goat's and buffalo milk. Tête de Moine cheese, comte, brie, manchego, Pesto Gouda cheese and many others... they will make your mouth watering! Your guests will look forward to eating again the tasty cheese flowers and the savoury green cheese you offered them the last time they had dinner at your home!

Girolle | Comprar m quina Girolle | Tete de Moine
Girolle Tetê de Moinê 25,58€

Girolle Tete De Moine, apparatus of 22cm. Diameter with lid to scrape the cheese Tete de moine, when turning it is forming shavings in the form of flowers. It has an intense flavor and is ideal for decorating dishes. It is used to scrape the Tête de Moin

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Tete de Moine | Comprar queso Tete de Moine online | Comprar Tete de Moine
Cheese Tete de Moine Tetê de Moinê From 22,90€

Tete de Moine cheese (Swiss) round cow is cut with a device called Girole, which forms a kind of flower cheese ideal for any event.

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Peso850 gramos aprox.

Tapa para Girolle  |Girolle | Comprar máquina girolle
Cheese cover for you ?? you De Moine Tetê de Moinê 11,00€

Cheese cover for you ?? T De Moine. Perspex cover for machine Tete de Moine cheese. (Original Switzerland)

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Queso Tete de Moine y Máquina Girolle | Tete de Moine y Girolle | Comprar Tete de Moine
Queso Tete de Moine y Máquina Girolle 48,48€

Pack completo, un queso Tete de Moine y la máquina Girolle para cortar el queso suizo en forma de flores.

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Girolle Queso 🧀 | Compra Cortadora Girolle para Queso | Cortador de Queso
Girolle Boska new 35,00€ 29,95€

New girolle machine to cut the cheese in thin sheets in the shape of flowers, ideal for tete de moine cheese.

Girolle original fabricado en Suiza | Comprar girolle | El Paladar
Original Girolle made in Switzerland new 49,99€

The authentic girolle machine made in Switzerland

Tête de Moine y máquina girolle | Flores de queso | Queso suizo
Tête de Moine and girolle machine, cheese flowers 71,00€

Pack Tête de Moine cheese and girolle machine. We present you the authentic Swiss machine girolle to cut the Tête de Moine cheese included !!

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Girolle | Cortador de Queso Tete de Moine | Aparato Girolle | Cortador de Queso
Girolle - Cheese Cutter Tetê de Moinê Unavailable

Girolle machine to cut the Swiss cheese Tete De Moine (Without Cover), when turning it goes forming shavings in the form of cheese flowers. It has an intense flavor and is ideal for decorating dishes.

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