Orto Mediterraneo

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Dried Tomato Orto Medit. 3100ml Orto Mediterraneo 33,00€

Buy Dried Tomato Orto Medit. 3100ml, dried tomatoes in oil, delicious and very versatile preserved.

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Artichokes Al Orto Med Grill. 3100ml Orto Mediterraneo 39,90€

Buy Artichokes Al Orto Med Grill. 3100ml. The grilled artichokes are cooked on firewood and charcoal. Prepared with fresh artichoke, they retain their texture and taste authentic, plus all their organoleptic properties. Superb with ques

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Rell peppers. Atun Orto M. 3100ml Orto Mediterraneo 39,50€

Buy Pepper Rell. Atun Orto M. 3100ml. Hot peppers stuffed with tuna. Great snacks, canap_s, etc.

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Tomasino Orto Medit. 1700ml Orto Mediterraneo 18,50€

Buy Tomasino medit ortho. 1700ml. Tomasino is a semi-dry tomatoes, sweet and intense flavor, to enhance optimal anchovies or marinated anchovies, but for its exceptional quality, our customers use it in infinite ways drifting po

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Rell peppers. Orto cheese 1500ml Orto Mediterraneo Unavailable

Buy Pepper Rell. Orto cheese 1500ml. Hot peppers stuffed with goat cheese. Great snacks, canap_s, etc.