Spanish wine Adhuc Tempus

Spanish wine Adhuc Tempus

Adhuc Tempus Wines

In the pursuit of full consumer satisfaction, we created the ADHOC brand, with the sole purpose of launching to the market a selection of high quality wines aimed at an increasingly demanding public in their choice. Sheltered in two of the main wine regions such as Spanish wine Ribera del Duero and Rueda.

Our knowledge leads us to pursue the maximum objective between quality and what the consumer is willing to pay for this type of wines, already so recognized and demanded in the market.

The ADHOC project is the result of the union of knowledge of the areas, where our wines are born and the extensive experience of the market, and therefore of the consumer, which is what moves us.

Hand in hand with winemakers, winemakers and prestigious technicians.

Adhuc Tempus Roble | Comprar Vino Adhuc Tempus | Vino tinto Tempus | Adhuc tempus
Adhuc Tempus Oak Red Wine Adhuc Tempus 7,99€

New red wine Adhuc Tempus Roble

Adhuc Tempus Rías Baixas | Comprar Vino Gallego | Comprar Vino Albariño
Adhuc White Wine Tempus Rías Baixas Albariño Adhuc Tempus 8,00€

Made in BOUZA DO REI Wineries, it makes its wines by selecting the best raw material, the Albariña grape.

Adhuc Tempus Verdejo | Vino blanco Verdejo | Tempus Verdejo | comprar verdejo
Adhuc Tempus Verdejo White Wine Adhuc Tempus 7,20€

New Verdejo white wine Adhuc Tempus Verdejo. Perfect for game meats, grilled lamb, fatty fish and cured cheese.

Adhuc Tempus Ribera del Duero Crianza | Comprar Ribera del Duero | Adhuc Tempus
Red Wine Adhuc Tempus Ribera del Duero Crianza Adhuc Tempus Unavailable

100% Tempranillo, perfect for game meats, lamb on the grill, fatty fish and cured cheese.

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