Oli Son Felip "Ciutadella"

Aceite Ecológico de Oliva Extra Virgen Son Felip 50cl | Comprar Aceite Ecológico
Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil Son Felip 50cl. Oli Son Felip "Ciutadella" 16,67€

Buy olive oil obtained from olives of superior category and only by mechanical procedures.

Aceite Oliva Virgen Son Felip 1,5l | Nuevo Aceite de Oliva | Precio Aceite Oliva
Virgin Olive Oil Son Felip 1,5l Oli Son Felip "Ciutadella" 36,43€ 35,50€

Extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, first cold pressed. Elaborated in the estate of Son Felip in Ciutadella de Menorca.