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Gin Monkey 47 50cl
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Gin Monkey 47 50cl

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This is a Premium Gin, 47.0% alc./vol., obtained by double distillation of grain plus a third with botanists, and aged in clay jars. View more

  • Sku 200183


According to the manufacturer, forty-seven botanists are infused, highlighting the fresh cranberry as one of the endings.
The final product is balanced and complex, dry, with intense juniper and citrus flavor, and long residual bitterness.
It is a very recent gin, produced in Germany, in the Black Forest, since 2010 by Black Forest Distillers GmbH. The annual production is 2,500 bottles, so its acquisition becomes very difficult.
It comes in a classic bottle, rectangular, low and brown 50 cl. with cork stopper


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