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Caviar Perlita Osetra 20gr

Caviar Perlita Osetra 20gr

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Discover the best caviar, Perlita caviar 20g. Product in stock in all the Balearic Islands. French fish farm with more than 25 years of experience View more

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Caviar Osetra

French fish farm with more than 25 years of experience

- Species Baeri = Siberian species

- High quality Osetra

- Traceability and safety of the product, ultrasound and biopsy before fishing

- Packaged directly in the laboratory of the fish farm, maximum 30 minutes after fishing

- We have never used fish meal of animal origin in fish feed.

- Caviar used by Chefs with Michelin stars and also by the world-wide chain of restaurants Nikki Beach


Where does this caviar come from?

In a French farmstead south of Bordeaux with more than 25 years of experience.

In France we have known the extinction of the species of sturgeon of Atlantico "Sturio" that came to

Reproduce in the rivers of Bordeaux.

Thanks to this experience during all these years we were allowed to offer a high level Caviar type Osetra

(Diameter 2.6 / 2.8 mm) of the captive species of sturgeons of the Siberian family (Baeri)

What are the characteristics of your fish farm?

pisifactoría caviar

Unlike other fish farms that only fish twice a year, we use geothermal

Thanks to a well that is 2000m deep and allows us to regulate water temperatures to

Produce and fish during all months of the year, taking into account the ultrasound and

Biopsy to select the highest quality product. Feeding is also very important.

Of the fish, and in our certificates it is detailed that we have never used "flour of animal origin"

Being within the new European law. All this guarantees the maximum quality, flavor and persistence in

Mouth that Caviar lovers are looking for. Thanks to all the information that appears in each can the consumer

Can trace traceability from start to finish. For that fish have a traceability chip (you can

See in the following video) Caviar we pack it without exceeding a maximum of 30 minutes after fishing

In our HACCP laboratory, our pools ensure water quality and cleanliness through analysis


Who are our biggest customers?

The countries of Eastern countries with great experience in the culture of the Caviar who fully rely on our

Product by its proven quality, we also began to export large quantities of caviar in countries

Arabs thanks to the fact that we do not use flours of animal origin being registered in all the sanitary certificates.


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