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Hammock Afinox Pectus Base Silestone BLACK STELLAR

Hammock Afinox Pectus Base Silestone BLACK STELLAR

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The ham Aferox Pectus, takes its name from the new hemisphere that houses the body of the ham. It is made of solid stainless steel and consists of three main parts and four high pressure springs giving a formidable precision View more

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Hammock Afinox Pectus Base Silestone BLACK STELLAR

  • Solid stainless steel ham.
    Rotating head.
    Pectus semisphere made of stainless steel.
    Base of stellar silestone.
    Accessory V for the tip of the ham.
    Tilting. Removable.


    Full ham 11,868kg

    Measures in intermediate position 47x49x25cm



    The accumulation of grease in the parts impairs the operation of the same so it is recommended to wash with hot water and soap after each cut of ham. The washings will be done by hand or in dishwashers as recommended below in the section "CLEANING AND BASES OF".
    The polished finishes are maintained with soft suede.
    Afinox products or parts otherwise laundered than recommended are not eligible for reclamation.
    The steel used in the Afinox ham is solid and stainless.


    Primus Semisphere made of aluminum polished finish.
    Primus Gold Semisphere, made with gold-plated brass.

    Primus semi-sphere eccentric and ridges made of solid stainless steel.
    Pectus semisphere.
    Body of hammerhead rotating head and Zeppo head, made of solid stainless steel.


    Ash wood base. In addition to washing requires maintenance of nutrition. If it is used regularly, the ham's own fat keeps it nourished, if it is used from time to time it is necessary to maintain the nourished wood applying suitable products.
    Steel, marble, granite and silestone, are suitable for dishwashers taking into account that such a strong washing can alter and impair polishing especially in the case of steel with high gloss so we recommend hand washing.
    Suction cup Primus, made of stainless steel, aluminum, polyethylene and rubber.
    Suction cup Pectus, made of stainless steel, polyethylene and rubber.
    Primus jack, made of stainless steel and aluminum.
    Taracea with varnish finish, must be carefully washed by hand without immersing them in water.

    Polyethylene and krion.
    Pectus cat, made of stainless steel.

    HAMMER "Worktop and Wall", the Primus hemisphere must be hand washed, the rest of the pieces are suitable for dishwashers.

    The ham Aferox Pectus, takes its name from the new hemisphere that houses the body of the ham. It is made of solid stainless steel and consists of three main parts and four high pressure springs that give a formidable precision to the position adjustments that can be selected for the placement and cutting of the ham. The position lock mechanism of the ham is performed by releasing pressure with the eccentric lever. The design of the hemisphere is completely enclosed, protecting the gears of the central movement and adjustment system from grease and debris.

    The main body of the Afinox Pectus ham, is constructed of pure steel, being a solid, beautiful, minimalist and very functional cutting tool, unique in its kind. The ham can swing up and down to cut the ham or display it. The rotating head system - also made of stainless steel - allows the ham to rotate on its axis. The clamping screw of the ham and the gripping points in the head create a safe and powerful system that provides great firmness to the cut.

    Under the head is the "elbow" that loosens or tightens the head to keep it in the desired position.

    The frontal tips on which the ham rests are rounded to avoid hammering. When the shape of the ham requires it, the "accessory V" that is included with each ham can be placed on the tip.

    In the online shop you can choose from a wide selection of bases of different materials and colors including a beautiful handmade bases made in inlaid.

    Pectus jamonero offers different options, can be purchased complete, with rotating head or with Zeppo head or with other accessories such as its rotational 360º that increase the usefulness and versatility of this valuable tool of cut of ham. Visit the online store to see the different alternatives.

    The body and mechanisms of the ham are built in stainless steel.


Calidad máxima, acabado minimalista

05/01/2023 20:22

Muy bien. Todo correcto.

21/11/2022 15:07

Un 11 sobre 10, merece la pena.

29/12/2019 11:41

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