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Foie Gras Mi Cuit 210g

Foie Gras Mi Cuit 210g

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Delicious foie gras 210g format by Katealde. Ingredients: Liver of whole duck, salt, natural spices, nitrifying salt. View more

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Foie gras mi-cuit Duck barqueta 210g

Ingredients: Liver of whole duck, salt, natural spices,
Nitrifying salt.

In the Navarrese town of Alsasua, at the foot of the Urbasa mountain range, we started in the early 80's with the breeding and baiting of mulard ducks. The knowledge acquired in these years leads us at the beginning of the nineties to launch our products to the market.

Nowadays, Katealde continues to be involved in the whole process, from the breeding of ducks in large outdoor areas to the transformation and elaboration of our products without forgetting the purest tradition of bait with corn in grain and using the most modern technologies.

In Katealde we continue to work every day to offer the best to our customers, that is why each and every one of our production processes are subjected to an exhaustive quality control and are developed in optimal hygienic sanitary conditions.

Our commitment to the artisan tradition together with an effort to take maximum care to the smallest detail allows us to obtain a different final product.

Katealde participates in a European R & D project to assure the microbial quality of food and belongs to artisan foods of Navarre.



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