Other Menorcan cheeses

Other Menorcan cheeses

Other Menorcan cheeses

Menorcan products

Cheese, sobrasada, carnixua, ensaimada... these delicious traditional products are really mouth-watering! If you prefer salty things, you'll love the artisan Mahón D.O. cheese, the black pork sobrasada or the cuixot. If you're more into sweet things, then you have to try the ensaimada with cabello de ángel (pumpkin jam), the filled pastissets and the almond carquiñols (crunchy little biscuits). And don't forget Menorca is famous also for good wines and liqueurs, like the traditional Gin Xoriguer. Cheer up your palate with the tastes of the island!

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Cheese Sa Canova Cala Blanc 5,95€

Cheese Sa Canova Cala Blanc. Order online our Sa Canova Cala Blanc cheese. Supergold and Supergold in World Cheese Awards (2016). New best cheese of the world 2016 sponsored by Barber's Farmhouse cheesemakers (World Cheese Awards 2016).

12 Reviews

Peso250gr aprox.

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Table of Cheeses of Menorca 27,00€

Table de Quesos de Menorca. Assortment of Menorca cheeses, sheep cheese Binibeca, cheese Son Vives cured, cheese Binigarba semi, goat cheese from Menorca and cheese Son Mercer to rosemary.

9 Reviews

Peso1,3 kg aprox.

Mua cheese - Son Mercer - Baleares Products - Shop El Paladar
Mua cheese 350g Son Mercer Camamil.La El Paladar 7,99€

MUA CAMAMIL.LA CHEESE ARE MERCER 350g. TYPE: Cow - Origin: MENORCA. Heart shaped cheese, intense flavor and creamy texture. Notes chamomile.

1 Review

Peso0,35 Kg aprox.

Mahon - Menorca Products - Shop online gourmet | Paladar
Assortment MenorquÕn three cheeses (Cheese Soft, Semi And Cured) El Paladar 9,98€

Great mix of products of our land, soft cheese, cheese curds and cured cheese. Ideal for snacks.


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Cheese of Menorca Son Mercer al Romero El Paladar 11,90€

Son Mercer Cheese Rosemary TYPE: Cow - Origin: MENORCA. Raw milk cheese, covered with Romero. intense flavor and edible crust.

1 Review

Peso600g aprox.

Goat Cheese Menorca | Baleares Products | compre queso de Menorca por internet
Cheese de cabra de Menorca El Paladar 14,91€

Menorca Goat Cheese. TYPE: Goat - Origin: MENORCA. Raw milk cheese, curds and intense flavor. Spicy touch. It is a cheese that stands out way the nobility of milk, knowing this and with a slight acidity as is ...

4 Reviews

Peso650g aprox.

Goat cheese Menorca Herbs - Products Baleares - El Paladar
Goat cheese Menorca Herbs El Paladar 9,11€

Goat cheese Herbs Menorca TYPE: Goat - ORIGIN: Menorca. Of semi hard paste, a pinch of salt. Dominate the aromas of herbs.

1 Review

Peso0,35 Kg aprox.

Sheep Cheese Menorca - Baleares Products - El Paladar
Sheep Cheese Menorca El Paladar 11,53€

MENORCA CHEESE OF SHEEP. TYPE: Sheep - ORIGIN: Menorca. Spicy cheese with intense flavor something.

Peso0,5 Kg aprox.

Queso de Menorca - Son Mercer Mua Natural - Products Baleares
Natural cheese Mercer Menorca Son Mua El Paladar 7,85€

MUA MERCER ARE NATURAL CHEESE 350g. TYPE: Cow - Origin: MENORCA. Heart shaped cheese, intense flavor and creamy texture.

Peso1 Kg aprox.

Menorca Goat Cheese Wine Mini - Products Baleares - El Paladar
Menorca Goat Cheese Mini Wine El Paladar 9,11€

GOAT CHEESE mini Menorca WINE TYPE: Goat - Origin: MENORCA. Raw milk, marinated in red wine Binifadet. strong flavor with hints of wine.

Peso0,35 Kg aprox.

Menorca cheese - S'Hort d'Es Pont - Products Baleares
Menorca cheese Semi S'Hort Pont d'Es El Paladar 33,10€

Menorca cheese Semi S'Hort d'Es Pont. TYPE: Cow - Origin: MENORCA. Raw milk, soft and persistent taste.

Peso2,5 Kg aprox.

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Cheese Cala Blau Sa Canova 5,95€

Cheese Cala Blau Sa Canova.Ripe blue cheese, new Sa Canova cheese, Cala Blau cheese.

3 Reviews