Mission and values

Our history

We started our activity in December 2004 offering our customers all kinds of quality products.

It all started with the detection that several customers of a supermarket requested quality products, and the supermarket was unable to supply. My partner and I had been working there for over 11 years.

A year before opening the first store we met to talk about the project, and little by little, with great enthusiasm, we entered into this world of entrepreneurship. It was a tough year with many problems, we did not know where to start, the funding, the bureaucracy and much more. But well, we surpassed it, in December of 2004 we started by opening a store in Ciutadella de Menorca and from the first day we have obtained constant growth. Currently we have several points of sale distributed by Menorca; two stores in Ciutadella, one in Mahón, one in Mercadal, plus two corners in supermarkets. We also have a store EL PALADAR distributor, DISTRIBUTION that deals with serving Bars, Restaurants, Shops and Hotels.

The company started in 2004 with two workers and now we are more than 45 people spread out between the stores and warehouses of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca.

Our philosophy

Our idea and what distinguishes us the most is the price-quality ratio, and we have made it our strongest point.

We look for good quality products directly from the manufacturer to offer them at the best price. We go to the best wineries of HAMS to select each one of the pieces that we have, thus obtaining the best quality of the market. In addition, the boning of our hams guarantees their flavor, deboning the piece just before consuming, we get the best quality in the sector.

Finally, our hand-cut ham service for events and other events gives us the necessary impetus to make ourselves known and be a clear example of quality service.

Our methodology

Thanks to values such as experience, perseverance, enthusiasm, dedication, patience and a good product we have managed to turn the Paladar into a national recognition brand.

We are evaluating the possibility of franchising our business, when we have it defined we will publish it on our website. For 6 years now we have been selling on the internet and nowadays we do not stop receiving orders which we wrap with the affection they deserve and send in 24-48 hours.

New store in Palma de Mallorca

On July 9, 2016, we inaugurated the new store El Paladar Mallorca "in Palma de Mallorca" on Calle Bonaire, 21


Our goal is to expand with new stores in the coming years