Cheese from Holland

Cheese from Holland

Cheese from Holland

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Do you want to surprise your guests with a good cheese board? Discover our wide selection of cheeses from all the world, made from cow's, sheep's, goat's and buffalo milk. Tête de Moine cheese, comte, brie, manchego, Pesto Gouda cheese and many others... they will make your mouth watering! Your guests will look forward to eating again the tasty cheese flowers and the savoury green cheese you offered them the last time they had dinner at your home!

Queso Gouda Old Master | Comprar quesos online
Gouda Cheese Old Master El Paladar 98,64€

GOUDA OLD MASTER. TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: The Netherlands. Hard cheese, yet creamy and sweetish taste. grainy texture.

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Peso6 kg aprox.

Queso Holand Gouda Tacos - Productos de Holanda - Tienda Gourmet
Holand Gouda Cheese Tacos El Paladar Unavailable

Holand Gouda Cheese Tacos. Delicious taquitos over Dutch gouda cheese style vacuum packed to preserve their flavor and aromas.