Cheese from France

Cheese from France

Cheese from France

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Do you want to surprise your guests with a good cheese board? Discover our wide selection of cheeses from all the world, made from cow's, sheep's, goat's and buffalo milk. Tête de Moine cheese, comte, brie, manchego, Pesto Gouda cheese and many others... they will make your mouth watering! Your guests will look forward to eating again the tasty cheese flowers and the savoury green cheese you offered them the last time they had dinner at your home!

Queso Munster Ermitage | comprar queso francés | el mejor queso de Francia
Queso Munster Ermitage 125g 3,50€

Tiene muy buenas cualidades de fundido. Queso con DOP elaborado con leche de vaca pasteurizada. De pasta blanda y de corteza lavada de color marfil. Su olor es fuerte y su sabor suave. Tiene muy buenas cualidades de fundido.

Petit Camembert | donde comprar queso Petit Camembert | Petit Camembert precio
Petit Camembert 150g 3,90€

Queso Petit Camembert 150g. corteza aterciopelada, firme y enmohecida de color blanco, tiene una pasta flexible y untuosa, ligeramente salada.

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Comprar Queso Brie | Precio Queso Francés | Quesos de Francia | Tipos de Brie
Brie francese (pastorizzato) 36,69€

Il migliore e tradizionale formaggio Brie francese.

Peso3,5 kg aprox.

Comprar Queso Comte | Venta de Quesos Online | El Paladar Jamonería
Comte cheese El Paladar 56,00€

14 Months Comte cheese TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: France. Rich and fruity character, you can not miss on a good table.

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Peso30 Kg aprox.

Queso Chevre d'Argental | quesos precios | venta de queso online
Cheese Chevre D'argental Queso Argental 20,46€

Cheese Chevre D'argental TYPE: Goat - ORIGIN: France. soft cheese, moldy natural rind. Maturation: 3 weeks. Smooth and creamy.

Peso1 Kg aprox.

Queso Lingot D'Argental | precios de quesos | venta quesos online
Cheese Lingot D'Argental El Paladar 31,32€

Cheese Lingot D'Argental TYPE: Goat - ORIGIN: France. soft cheese, moldy natural rind. Maturation: 3 weeks. Smooth and creamy.

Peso2 Kg aprox.

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Cheese Tomme Savoie Light El Paladar 24,96€

CHEESE TOMME SAVOIE LIGHT. TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: France. Semi-hard, pressed, natural crust. Fatty matter: Between 20% and 40%. Roughness: Soft to medium

Peso1,5 kilos

queso para fundir | Queso Reblochon | Comprar queso francés online
Reblochon cheese El Paladar Unavailable

TRADITION Reblochon cheese AOC. TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: France. Soft, washed rind. Maturation: Between 7 and 8 weeks. Roughness: Medium

Peso3 Kg aprox.

Queso Roquefort D'Argental - Productos Gourmet Online - El Paladar
Roquefort cheese D'Argental El Paladar 33,89€

Roquefort D 'ARGENTAL 1.25kg .. TYPE: Sheep - ORIGIN: France. semi-hard, blue-veined. Maturation: Between 3 and 6 months. strong and intense flavor.

Queso Chamois D'or | Venta online de quesos | Quesería online
Cheese Chamois D'or El Paladar 53,15€

CHAMOIS D'OR CHEESE buy. TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: Pays de Loire-France. Cheese Group: Pasta Soft and smooth. pasteurized milk.

Peso2,2 Kg aprox.

Queso Rulo Finas Hierbas - Productos Gourmet online - El Paladar
Fine Herbs cheese Rulo El Paladar Unavailable

RULO CHEESE HERBS. TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: France. Cheese very soft, spreadable toast with fine herbs ideal for pasta.

Queso Reblochon Savoie Mini | Quesería online | comprar reblochon
Queso Reblochon Savoie Mini El Paladar 5,97€

Queso Reblochon Savoie Mini, Es un queso de pasta semi blanda y con corteza lavada de color naranja claro y cubierto de un moho suave afelpado, elaborado con leche cruda de vaca originario de la Alta Saboya de Francia.La pasta es suave y muestra ...

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Pineapple Cheese Rulo El Paladar Unavailable

PINEAPPLE CHEESE RULO. Delicious cheese with diced fresh pineapple. Ideal spreads.

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Cheese Rulo Arandanos Le Rule El Paladar Unavailable

LE BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE RULO RULE. TYPE: Cow - ORIGIN: France. Cheese very soft, spreadable paste with cranberries. It has a sweet touch and is ideal for toast.