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Shoulder 5 Jotas | Ham 5 Jotas | 5Jotas | ham online | buy ham Spanish
Shoulder 5 Jotas Jamón Cinco Jotas HAM 161,80€

Brewed with the forelegs of 100% Iberian pig reared free and feed on acorns, single race preserved since 1879.

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Peso4,80 Kg. aprox.

Julian Martin bait Hams | iberian ham | palma ham | bellota ham | ham in spain
Julian Martin bait Hams El Paladar 213,56€

This magnificent Jamon Iberico de Cebo Julian Martin comes from grain-fed compounds, of the highest quality pigs. Healing: 24 months of healing. Location: Guijuelo

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Peso7,4 Kg. aprox.

Ham 5 Jotas | spanish hams | what is the spanish word for ham | ham online
Ham 5 Jotas Jamón Cinco Jotas HAM 562,50€ 525,00€

Ham 5 Jotas (5J), recognized internationally as the jewel of the gastronomy of Spain. Acorn pork ham Iberian hundred percent reared free in the vast expanses of the Dehesa del Peninsular Southwest and nutrition na

7 Reviews

Peso7,0 - 8,0Kg. aprox.

Smoked Tray | Smoked Gourmet Products | Online gourmet store
Smoked tray 450g GRANDE (10 PEOPLE) El Paladar 45,00€

Excellent assortment of smoked products. Loin of smoked salmon, smoked cod, anchovies, mojama. (10 PEOPLE)


TRAY FOIE GRAS | tray Gourmet
Tray Foie Gras El Paladar 42,00€

Tray prepared with the best selection of duck foie gras; Foie gras mi-cuit, natural liver bloc, bloc of goose foie mi-cuit with figs. (6-8 people)